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“I love the OC virtual workouts!!! They are allowing me to workout whenever I have the time. They are also well created for the home environment while still maintaining the intensity of an in gym OC workout. They make me feel so much less stressed and more happy!
Also, I’m actually able to workout more frequently now than I was before and my kids often join me in the workouts!
Thank you for helping me live my best shelter-in-place life and not feel like I’m missing out on regular important things in life.”

Sahana B.


When we ask our Members what they love most about Obstacourse, we get a common answer...The Community. Our Community is made up of amazing people, who make our program so special. Below are some of their stories. We’ll add one new story each month.


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"I really liked how it brought back a sense of normalcy in all of this change we are dealing with. My ‘after workout high’ was such normal part of my weekly routine, so this keeps that going. Also having a buddy to keep me accountable makes such a difference! I hope you continue to do things like this to keep us motivated!” ​

Kristy S.
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