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CEO and Fitness Coach. Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Spartan Obstacle Specialist. Keith started in the Fitness Industry as a Bootcamp Instructor at Fit For Life Solutions in 2013. He became the Head Trainer at multiple locations and then became the Assistant Manager. Keith got into Obstacle Course Racing in 2014 and was hooked on the sport. He became the Team Captain and built a large race team. The Team needed obstacle course training and that is where the idea of ObstaCourse Fitness was born.


Chrissy is a mom of 3 who loves the active lifestyle. She dove into the fitness world with her husband, Keith, in 2013 and she started her OCR journey in 2014. Her first OCR was a huge challenge, but the feeling of completing the race had her hooked! When Keith wanted to open his own gym with the OCR community in mind, she was all in. She loves a challenge and not only pushing herself, but others to see all that they can accomplish. Her 2 older sons now race with the adults and her younger daughter is racing in the kids group. She hopes to spread the love of adventure, health and fitness with everyone she meets!


Andrew “Sarge” Hanna

Physical and mental training is necessary, especially when it comes to motivation for self-improvement which develops the discipline that is naturally produced through training.  As both an Instructor and NCO in the Military, Andrew has an understanding of the discipline and the training that is necessary for Mission Accomplishment as well as the taking note of the welfare of others in diverse training situations.

Ehter Ekber

Ehter has a strong passion towards fitness and having a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys working out in different styles and forms, and embraces a challenge. He has been involved in weight lifting, mixed martial arts, and calisthenics. Motivating and helping people ease into a healthy and active life style is what he loves waking up to do everyday.

Taylor Wakefield

Taylor is an exercise and health enthusiast. He strives to empower others with knowledge and competence to live happier, healthier lives. Having completed a bachelors degree in exercise science and a masters degree in health promotion, Taylor aspires to guide others along their health and fitness journey. He is nice but means business and is a rather technical coach. Taylor is a certified personal trainer and an EXOS performance specialist. He has a passion for OCR and enjoys long walks in the rain.



Former US Army Captain, Tara Pipia is an Army Master Fitness Trainer, Spartan SGX Coach and Obstacle Specialist. She’s a Certified Sports Performance Nutritionist through AFPA and an EXOS Fitness Specialist.  She’s run 12 marathons, including Boston, and has run more than 50 half marathons. She’s currently ranked the #1 Spartan in the world for her age group and #2 for all female ages. She’s been racing since 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. She has a 3 1/2 year-old dog, LT, who is an ambassador for the Spartan sponsored dog food company NULO. Tara’s vision is to make everyone a winner.

Rosa Fesili

Rosa is a mother of 3, who loves to be active and healthy.  She began her fitness journey with Keith Kern in March 2014 and has stuck with it since. Being active, motivated her daughter to join Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and run Spartan and other OCR races. Her son and youngest daughter, enjoy obsta-kids, climbing and running. In February 2019 she became ObstaCourse Birthday Coordinator for her love of planning and celebrating birthdays.  As a mom, she understands the importance of keeping children active. She enjoys organizing games and activities to test each child and allowing them to push themselves. As a Youth Fit Leader she uses her skills and love for OCR to create challenging adventures.

Sharol Taboada

I've been working with kids since 2010 and I love it.  The energies that they have and the smiles they bring warms my heart!  I'm excited to be able to use what I learned, both as a childcare provider over the years and my Obstacourse Fitness training, to provide an exciting, challenging, and fun youth fit class!