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Keith is a prominent figure in the fitness industry, serving as the Owner of ObstaCourse Fitness and holding certifications as a Group Fitness Instructor and Spartan Obstacle Specialist. His fitness journey began in 2013 as a Bootcamp Instructor, where his dedication and expertise propelled him to the roles of Head Trainer and later Assistant Manager at multiple locations.


In 2014, Keith discovered his passion for Obstacle Course Racing, driving him to immerse himself in the sport and take on the role of Team Captain, successfully building a substantial race team. Recognizing the need for specialized obstacle course training, Keith's visionary thinking gave birth to the concept of ObstaCourse Fitness.


Beyond obstacles, Keith ventured into men's physique muscle contests at the age of 43, continuing to compete and showcase what is achievable at any age. His commitment extends beyond personal achievements, as he sets a powerful example for his community, inspiring individuals to reach their full potential.


Keith's dedication, leadership, and passion continue to shape ObstaCourse Fitness into a dynamic and thriving fitness institution, offering top-notch training and guidance for individuals seeking to conquer their fitness goals and pursue a healthier, more active lifestyle.




Chrissy is a mom of 3 who loves the active lifestyle. She dove into the fitness world with her husband, Keith, in 2013 and she started her OCR journey in 2014. Her first OCR was a huge challenge, but the feeling of completing the race had her hooked! When Keith wanted to open his own gym with the OCR community in mind, she was all in. She loves a challenge and not only pushing herself, but others to see all that they can accomplish. Her 2 older sons now race with the adults and her younger daughter is racing in the kids group. She hopes to spread the love of adventure, health and fitness with everyone she meets!



Andrew “Sarge” Hanna

Physical and mental training is necessary, especially when it comes to motivation for self-improvement which develops the discipline that is naturally produced through training.  As both an Instructor and NCO in the Military, Andrew has an understanding of the discipline and the training that is necessary for Mission Accomplishment as well as the taking note of the welfare of others in diverse training situations.



Ehter Ekber

Ehter has a strong passion towards fitness and having a healthy lifestyle. He enjoys working out in different styles and forms, and embraces a challenge. He has been involved in weight lifting, mixed martial arts, and calisthenics. Motivating and helping people ease into a healthy and active life style is what he loves waking up to do everyday.


OC-Staff-Sonya (1).jpg

Sonya brown

Sonya is a mom of 2 who loves staying active, being healthy and feeling fit and strong.  She walked into the ObstaCourse Fitness the first week it opened and fell in love at first sweat.  The workouts challenged and pushed her to grow mentally and physically in a way she didn't know was possible.  With this new found strength and confidence, she decided to dive in and completed her first Spartan Race four months later.  With over 20 Spartan Races behind her now, she plans on continually pushing herself and not allowing "obstacles" to come in the way of her dreams.  Being a part of the ObstaCourse Family and supporting others in their health, nutrition and fitness journey is a true passion for her. She hopes to inspire others in their journey to realize they are stronger than they think capable of anything they set their mind to.



aneesh bakshi

Aneesh has been an OC floor coach since January 2023, and has been an OC member since 2017 (6 years and 80 pounds ago!). He enjoys supporting people who are committed to achieving their health and fitness goals while celebrating the best version of themselves. Inspiring and motivating others is a priority for Aneesh, and he enjoys giving motivational talks to our gym members as the resident OC Philosopher. When he isn’t at the gym, Aneesh keeps busy by working at a Big Pharma company, trying to keep up with his two teenage daughters and spending time with 12-year-old family pup Shaggy.



katja dunstan

Hi! I’m Katja Dunstan (aka Peaches), Assistant Coach and your personal cheerleader. I was born and raised in Germany and now I’m living the dream in California! I’m a mom of two + a crazy chocolate lab! I love strong coffee with oatmilk, traveling around Europe, and getting my steps in around Redwood City.  I’m new to coaching, but I’ve been showing up at Obstacourse for the past two years! You’ll find me at the 6am class every weekday. I’m also attending Strength Academy and Lift Club. I’ve been challenging myself with Deka Strong. I love singing,joking around, keeping the mood light and the weights heavy! Plate up! Let’s work together to transform your life through fitness and fun!




Meet Roberto!


Roberto embarked on his journey with ObstaCourse in August 2022 after stumbling upon an Instagram ad for a 6-week challenge. Little did he know, this click of the mouse would lead him to a fulfilling career path within the company.


From the moment he stepped through the doors, Roberto's passion for fitness and wellness was palpable. His dedication and natural leadership qualities quickly caught the attention of the team, leading to his transition into the role of Lead Nurture Specialist, Coach, and eventually Nutrition Consultations.


What many may not know is Roberto's rich background in the bar industry, where he honed his skills for over two decades. As the owner and operator of his own bar in San Francisco, Roberto brings a unique perspective and invaluable expertise in customer service. 


With his boundless energy, expertise, and genuine passion for helping others thrive, Roberto continues to make waves within the ObstaCourse community, inspiring others to reach their full potential every step of the way!




Meet Coach Jack Kern, a versatile and dedicated member of our fitness family. When he's not making strides on the football field at a local Junior College, Jack indulges in his passions for cooking and anime. 


Within ObstaCourse Fitness, Jack plays a pivotal role as an Assistant Coach for large group strength and conditioning sessions, ensuring each member enjoys a fulfilling workout experience. He also holds the mantle of our Strength Training Coach, guiding individuals on their journey to greater strength and self-assurance. Jack's responsibilities extend to crafting and organizing our daily workout regimens, guaranteeing that each session is engaging and effective. What truly sets Jack apart is his genuine affection for our fitness community, where he thrives in the company of our fantastic members and staff, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. His ultimate passion lies in assisting people in becoming their best selves by helping them build strength, refine their form, and boost their self-esteem. With Coach Jack's unwavering dedication, you'll not only reach your fitness goals but cherish every step of the way. 




Candace, one of the co-founders of ObstaCourse Fitness, is the driving force that brought Keith's vision to life. Recognizing the potential in his concept for a robust, family-oriented fitness community, she wholeheartedly joined forces with him. Beyond her co-founder role, Candace efficiently manages essential back-office operations and serves as an Accountability Coach at ObstaCourse Fitness. Notably, she holds the title of Spartan DEKA Certified Coach and Program Director, overseeing the Spartan DEKA program specifically.


Candace's passion lies in helping individuals surpass their limits and discover their untapped potential. When she's not at the gym, she's fully engaged as the CFO of a venture capital firm. Her commitment to excellence extends to her personal life, where she enjoys competing in Spartan DEKA Events, quality time with her family, indulging in cheeseburgers, savoring fine wine, and relishing afternoon naps.

DEKA Program Director & Coach



Hello, fitness enthusiasts!


I'm Shannon, and I'm thrilled to be your coach on this exciting fitness journey. Hailing proudly from Redwood City, I'm not just your coach; I'm a dedicated mom, a business owner, and someone who finds immense joy in outdoor activities like paddle boarding, road trips, and capturing moments through photography.


My own fitness adventure kicked off over 5 years ago at Obstacourse. What began as a casual Groupon pass transformed into a remarkable journey, shedding over 80lbs through a life-changing 6-week challenge. It was during this transformative process that I discovered my true passion for fitness, realizing that it's not just about physical health but an overall well-being that extends to all aspects of life.


Now, as your coach, my mission is to inspire and share positive energy with each and every one of you. Expect a blend of motivation, dedication, and, who knows, maybe even a dance move or two during our sessions. Together, let's crush our health goals, embrace the journey, and celebrate the victories, big and small.


I'm excited to be part of your fitness story. Join me, and let's make every workout an opportunity for growth, empowerment, and a whole lot of fun!



KATHY borg

Meet Kathy, AKA the "Coffee Queen" – your dedicated accountability coach at ObstaCourse Fitness!


As a multifaceted force within our gym community, Kathy wears several hats. Primarily, she takes on the role of an Accountability Coach, guiding and supporting our new six-week challengers on their fitness journey. Her infectious energy and commitment to the well-being of others make her an invaluable asset to our team.


Beyond her coaching duties, Kathy is an essential part of our Special Events crew, ensuring that our community experiences memorable and engaging activities. Additionally, she plays a crucial role in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of our gym space, creating a welcoming and hygienic environment for everyone.


As a single mom to two wonderful kids, Kathy's personal fitness journey at OC holds a special significance. She joined to stay fit and healthy, driven by the desire to be there for her children for years to come. The OC community has become her second family, providing a supportive network that goes beyond the gym floor.


Kathy's goal is clear: she aims to recreate the sense of warmth, value, and motivation that she experienced when she first joined OC many years ago. Her passion for fostering a community where every member feels welcomed, valued, and motivated is the driving force behind her work.


Next time you spot the "Coffee Queen" around the gym, be sure to say hello and feel the positive vibes she brings to OC Gym. We're fortunate to have Kathy as an integral part of our fitness family!



DEE chin

Hey, I'm Dee – your friendly Accountability Coach and one of the creative forces behind OC's special events! Beyond the gym hustle, I'm a proud mom, infusing a dose of parental wisdom into our fitness journey. 


I'm here not just to hold you accountable on nutrition and goal-hitting but to create an atmosphere where success is not only achieved but celebrated. Our year-round community events and parties aren't just about sweating it out; they're about weaving connections, fostering friendships, and making fitness an exhilarating journey.


Join our fitness family, where goals are met with laughter, and we share the joy of reaching new heights together. Whether it's cheering each other on during a workout or bonding over our love for Grogu, the OC community is a place where every triumph, big or small, is celebrated. Let's make fitness fun, memorable, and an integral part of your life's adventure!


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