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At Obstacourse Fitness in Redwood City, California something special is happening. We’ve been able

to create a tight-knit community of loyal members and happy staff. This commitment to our gym has

allowed us to grow in a very natural and organic way. We get more and more sign-ups each month

and our members actively participate in a variety of programs on and off location.


We believe that creating Core Values for the type of community you want to create is a vital first step.

Once we developed our Core Values, we displayed them in the gym for all to see every day. It

reminds our team that if you’re going to be a part of our community, these are the rules. It goes

further than that though, you must be a role model of your core values - people will follow your actions

more than your words.


When you have a mission that people can believe in, like “Empower people with a variety of fun and

challenging workouts in a non-judgmental gym, surrounded by a positive and supportive community." ,

your members will show up for you, support you and tell their friends.

Here are some other things you can try in your gym to foster a community of togetherness:


  •  Create Team Challenges of 2-5 person teams throughout the year.

  •  Add people to teams that don’t have enough teammates to get people meeting other gym


  •  Doing something hard together as a group develops stronger relationships and bonds.


  • Do a fundraiser a couple of times per year that gets your people to participate and contribute (ex: Walk-a-Thon, Burpee Challenge, 5k).

  • Donate the proceeds to a good cause in your city.

  • Potlucks at the gym on special occasions.

  • Volunteer for local events and ask your people to join you.

  • Do activities (ex: Field Trips, Hikes, Obstacle Course Races) to bring people together outside

       of the gym.


  •  Get people involved in social media and acknowledge how well people are doing. Spotlight


  •  Hang pictures of Members and Community Events.

  •  Have a Wall for Members to hang business cards for networking.

Community is the difference from an extraordinary gym and an ordinary gym.

Build a great community that embodies your core values and become an

extraordinary gym.

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