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$99 4 Week Introductory Special

Classes 7 days/week (max 1 class per day)
OC VIRTUAL (Online Workouts & Supportive Community)
Fit3D Full Body Scans
Simple Guide to Get Fit E-Book
Fitness Assessment


Amy C.

My new favorite gym! They have the best OCR Training and Circuit Training classes to get you in shape.  Coach Keith is awesome and gym atmosphere is motivating and empowering.

Previn B.

Friendly team based HIIT classes that mix it up and promote all around fitness and athleticism for most anyone. Super-Fit and New Years Resolution-Fit alike will sweat it out here.

Margie M.

Gyms don’t get better then this – an encouraging and welcoming environment combined with a great workout that’s different every time you go. I’d give OC 6 Stars if I could.

Mini FAQ

What is the vibe in the gym?

The vibe when you walk through the door is welcoming and inclusive. We want people to feel comfortable when they come in, know where everything is at, and know what to expect while they’re here for their class. We promote a positive, fun and encouraging environment. No negativity allowed. Let’s have fun, work hard and push each other to be the best version of ourselves. 

What can I expect during my first class/orientation?

Check-in at the front desk kiosk for every class. On your first day we’ll have you sign a liability waiver and fill out an orientation form to get to know you. Then we’ll give you a walk-through and explain how the class works. We’ll show you where to keep your belongings, where the restrooms are and where the Fit3D scan room is.  Bring a water bottle and towel. 

What’s included in the Coach’s assessment?

Includes 15 – 30 minute phone call or in-person meeting with Coach to go over goals, current regimen, diet, body composition and workout plan. Follow up appointment will be set up to review progress

What types of classes are included?

Unlimited Circuit Training Classes
Strength Training
High Intensity Interval Training

What’s the parking situation in downtown Redwood City?

There is parking in the Front and Rear of the building, it’s not hard to find parking for class. Morning classes do not have to pay parking fees. Metered parking is in effect Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. 

Class Schedule

5am, 6am, 7am, (adding 9am, effective Jan 2020)
12pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

Group Classes - 8am, 9am
Open Gym - 10-11am



Kathy B.

Great challenging workout with great people, never a dull moment.

Edilsar e.

I have been doing this class for almost 2 months and the energy, the classes, the Staff just amazing. Having a lot of fun and hard work to achieve my goals. 

Sheridan r.

Great Coaching from all of the Staff. Fun workouts and challenging workouts. I love OC!

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